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made some requested torres backgrounds, hope you like them x

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Ok ok I love how Diego Costa has 7 goals in just 4 games.
Amazing for a young player like him.
I wish every damn commentator didn’t have to compare him to Fernando Torres.
Yeah ok he only had 5 goals in 28 games.
What that doesn’t mean is that you get to treat him like some fucking joke or compare him to other people.

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My depression affects everything. There’s a weakened part of my memory, my self-esteem, my perception, my judgement. It’s scary to watch yourself gradually die when you’re still fully alive. It’s probably worse when the people around you don’t notice the difference.

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Reasons I haven’t killed myself, besides my Faith:

There are people out there being taken away from their loved ones, and friends, and family. Why would I take myself away? Why would I slap God in the face, along with the people I leave behind? I know I suffer from depression, and it’s a sickness unaccompanied with an “ON” and “OFF” switch, but I’m not going to let it win. I’m going to try and live; not let it kill me quicker than I should be killed. I don’t want it to be seen as a killer. I want it to be another mood. I don’t want depression to win, control me, or surface anymore. I wish that there was a way to believe the things I want. If this was the case, I would easily be happy. But I’m not going to let depression win.

It may be a cancer, it may be a sickness, and we may all have to die sometimes. But I’ll be damned if I let depression be the reason I give up and succumb to taking my own life. God worked too hard on this life He provided me with, and I can’t disrespect Him like that.

I know there’ll be more days, maybe even tomorrow, where I feel suicidal or weakened, but these moods will pass. They will come back and they will pass. Eventually, I will pass, as well, but I will not let depression cause it. I’m going to win, I promise.

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who unfollowed me like wow you must’ve thought I was dead and I wasn’t so you unfollowed me lol sorry 

Sep 06 23:02
Does anyone want an update on my life?


So I’m on my second year in college, and

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Chelsea FC